Frequently Asked Questions

Why I'm getting "Application does not have sufficient geolocation permissions"?

If you opened the website from browser which does not have permission to access to your location you will get the above message.
Some known browser to us which has this problem is "Facebook Browser" which will open when you open our link from facebook or instagram.
To solve this problem please open the website from other browser such chrome or safari.

Why my location is not correct?

The location recognition depends on the device you are using, for example if you used the website from desktop PC the accuracy will be low, and it will enhance if it is laptob and will be much better if it is Mobile/Tablet or any device with GPS enabled.

Is this new postal code replace the old postal code?

Starting from year 2020 the Egypt Postal has rolled new postal code system for better accuracy and performance, but still the old system will work until the new system is completly replaced the old one.